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Sansar Pet Supply started as a humbly sourcing Himalayan Dog Chews from farmers and supplying it to several exporters. Since 2008 we have been supplying Canine Cheese Chews to pioneers in the pet markets in the USA, Asian and European markets.

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We serve both producers and consumers of our products to the fullest, utilizing our experience gained over several years and exploring new avenues and opportunities.


We will be known in the pet world as the best producer of the healthiest pet treats using local, authentic ingredients.

Our Values

  • Authenticity
  • Versatility
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork


Original Canine Cheese Chews

The Original Canine Cheese Chew from Sansar Pet Supply is loaded with all the cheesy goodness our canine friends deserve. Sansar Chews can enhance your dog’s oral health. Our chews are created using an ancient recipe, traditional methods, and naturally-sourced ingredients. Made with hard smoked cheese, the Canine Cheese Chews are a long-lasting chew. Dogs have to work several hours to soften it. The end piece of the chew can be puffed in the microwave for a crunchy treat.

Chews of Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, and custom sizes are available from Sansar Pet Supply

We have the simplest Ingredients: Cheese (Skim Milk, Citrus Juice, Salt)


*Our Chews have multiple hues because of the production location and process




We work with farmers collecting milk from all over the Himalayas.



Milk is coagulated to form soft cheese. The cheese is pressed, smoked & dried. Then aged for 2 months.


Quality Control

We follow strict Quality Control measures, including HACCP standards & CGMP. Verified by PCQI



Our Chews are packed to ship utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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