Our Processes

Our carefully crafted production process makes our Canine Cheese Chew a quality treat dogs will crave.



Our collection team goes to over one hundred co-ops for milk collection. Farmers bring milk to their local co-op all over the Himalayas. Grazing grounds above 6000 ft elevation are free from modern-day pollution. This gives their herds’ milk enhanced nutritional value. The milk is then brought to our production house and there, chews are made. We also collect chews from trained dairy centers and we bring them to our production facility.



After sourcing the milk, we move to the production facility where we pasteurize the milk, separate the cream, remove milk fat & coagulate the milk into cheese. By this point, our process removes the milk lactose. Our cheese is then pressed and cut into various sizes per customer demand. We never add sythetic chemicals or preservatives assuring you and your customers every chew is a healthy, quality treat their dogs will love.


Quality Control

We ensure that all our manufactured products adhere to industry standards. Our quality control team conscientiously checks every piece of chew and handpicks only those chews meeting our best-in-class standards. We take pride in implementing HACCP, CGMP which is monitored and verified by PCQI. We deploy different techniques to ensure that your dogs get the best quality, unadulterated chews loaded with our unconditional love. The overall production process is carried out under the expert supervision of our quality control team. We ensure that the moisture levels of our chews are stable. This is the point our quality control team gives us the green light to package our chews for customers all over the world.



We use recycled, food grade packing materials to get our dog chews packed to perfection. Each chew is thoroughly tested for pathogens and moisture before being packed to ensure a shelf life of 5 years.