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Sansar means World

Sansar Pet Supply’s goal is to provide quality, authentic products to pets and their parents all around the world.

We started from humble beginnings. Sourcing Himalayan Dog Chews from Nepalese farmers and providing them to multiple exporters. Since 2008, Sansar Pet Supply has been supplying Canine Cheese Chews to pioneers in US, European and Asian markets.

“Himalayan Dog Chew”, the Canine Cheese Chew has become a category of its own in the pet industry and we are the largest supplier to exporters in Nepal and India. We not only manufacture the chews ourselves but also source them from over 800 farmers, milk co-ops, and dairy centers in the Himalayas.

Since Canine Cheese Chews’ discovery and introduction into the USA market in 2008, Sansar Pet Supply has been serving the pet industry. Long before this “chhurpi” for dogs was introduced as the “Himalayan Dog Chew” in the USA market, we supplied the Nepalese people Cube Cheese Candy Chews or chhurpi.

The major difference between the Canine Cheese Chews and chhurpi is that Chhurpi is slightly softer and contains fat and lactose whereas a Canine Cheese Chew is nearly bone hard and is, importantly for dogs, lactose-free with a fat content of less than 1%.

The Canine Cheese Chews journey began when the inventors reached out to us in 2007. Their request, turn chhurpi into a canine-friendly product. We loved the idea and started experimenting. After multiple failures, we came to understand the process to turn chhurpi into a perfect, canine-friendly, long-lasting dog chew. However, we never stop experimenting. Today, we can make customized chews to customer size, shape, flavor, and density requirements.

Demand is so high for Canine Cheese Chews, we have also become farmers. Along with the many farmers supplying us with Canine Cheese Chews, we are now suppliers of Canine Cheese Chews. We know yaks and cows. Now we are also a manufacturer. We know and follow the Good Manufacturing Practices required to win the trust of pet parents and the confidence to assure their four-legged family members enjoy our healthy products safely. Therefore, Our Mission: “We serve both producers and consumers of our products to the fullest, utilizing our experience gained over several years and exploring new avenues and opportunities.” Our Vision “We will be known in the pet world as the best producer of the healthiest pet treats using local, authentic ingredients.”.