Original Canine Cheese Chew – XLarge

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(Comes in a box of 100 lbs)

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Product Description
The Original Canine Cheese Chew from Sansar Pet Supply is loaded with all the cheesy goodness that our canine friend deserves. The Chew can enhance your dog’s oral health, and it is created using an ancient recipe with traditional methods and naturally-sourced ingredients. Made with hard smoked cheese, the Canine Cheese Chew is a long-lasting chew, and dogs have to work several hours to soften it. The end piece of chew can be microwaved and then puffed and converted into a crunchy treat.


  • Cheese (Skim Milk, Citrus Juice, Salt)


Key benefits

  • Free from toxic preservatives and binding agents
  • Long-lasting and natural
  • Easily digestible for canines
  • Promotes dental hygiene in dogs
  • Free from gluten, lactose, soy, corn, wheat, and grain
  • A healthier alternative to rawhide or artificial chews
  • There is no waste or fuss


Advice for use

  • Supervise your pet when they chew
  • Not for dogs over 12 weeks old
  • Not safe for human consumption
  • The cheese chew can last longer if it is kept in a cool and dry place
  • Wash your hands after handling the product with dog drool
  • Take away the treat if you see any potential hazard like choking.


Product Specification

Weight Range : 5.5-5.8 oz

Measurements : 5.59 (min) inch, 7.28 (max) inch x 1.53 inch