Surprising Facts About the Irish Wolfhound

Surprising Facts About the Irish Wolfhound

Surprising Facts About the Irish Wolfhound

Among the myriad of dog breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is known as a dignified breed with unique traits and an intriguing history. Did you know that this breed of dog was originally used in war to drag men off their horses and chariots? The calm and kindly Irish Wolfhound was once a big-game hunter and fearless species capable of dispatching any canine in single combat. However, now the amiable dogs have become family companions who are known for their obedience and tracking. Undoubtedly, there are also like any common dog who loves their canine cheese chew, here are the facts that make them different from other species. 

#1 Tallest Dog species in the world

If you have a loving Irish Wolfhound in your home, you are probably the luckiest because they are the tallest of all dog breeds. In fact, they can stand up to a minimum of 32 inches and when a Wolfhound stands on its hind legs, it can be around 7 feet tall. 

#2 Ancient Roman presence

Did you know that the earliest written record of an Irish Wolfhound can be traced from around 391 A.D. in a letter from a Roman consul that mentions these Wolfhounds as the “Irish dogs” and “wolfdogs or Ireland”? Apparently, these dogs were gifted to the Kings of European countries, Roman consuls as well as other world leaders, 

#3 The pride of ancient Ireland

The presence of Irish Wolfhounds has strong connections to the High kings and queens of Ireland and you can spot them in tapestries and paintings, Irish mythological inscriptions, and folklore that describe the gentle yet brave nature of this loyal companion. The great hounds of Ireland were known for their stealth in hunting and battle but now they are known for just being lovable pets. 

#4 Not-so-good guard dogs

Although the Irish Wolfhound looks imposing and are courageous hunting dogs, they fail terribly as a watchdog. They are not at all aggressive or suspicious towards strangers and in fact, they are lovable creatures that people adore due to their magnificent form and of course the wide-tooth grin and tail wags. 

#5 Meet the gentle giants

Who doesn’t want to hug these beautiful dogs? Although the Irish Wolfhound may seem like a ferocious beast, their temperament is just the opposite, They are an amazing breed to be around children and you can be the happiest when you snuggle up with them or laze around the house with them on a rainy day. 


And it’s a wrap. Irish Wolfhounds are amazing creatures and there are many fascinating facts about them that can entice every pet parent. The native Ireland dog, and a Celtic symbol of courage and strength that have shadowed Irish war heroes throughout the years, these creatures can now luckily be your pets. Have an Irish Wolfhound as a pet and want to pamper them with the best of what you have? Get canine cheese chews for X-Large dogs from Sansar Pet Supply now.

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