Canine Cheese Chew – The Best for Your Pooch


Canine Cheese Chew – The Best for Your Pooch

Nowadays there are different types of dog treats available in the market. The dog parents would certainly want to find the healthiest Canine Cheese Chew which is long-lasting and durable.

Canine chews are made with the right ingredients and it is one of the best products. These treats will eventually satiate the hunger of dogs for a longer period.

Are you interested in finding a natural and nutritious cheese chew that the dog will love?  

Dive in to find out!

What are Canine Cheese Chews?

Canine Cheese Chews are meticulously crafted and the production process churns the chews into a quality treat for dogs. The milk is collected from a variety of resources and eventually brought to the production house. Chews are also gathered from dairy centers, then the milk is pasteurized and coagulated into cheese. The treat goes through a methodological process and eventually surpasses an audit test. Hence the chews are thoroughly tested for pathogens and moisture before being packed. These chews are rich in nutrients and highly beneficial for dogs. 

The major difference between Canine Cheese Chews and chhurpi is that chhurpi is slightly softer and contains fat, and lactose whereas Canine Cheese Chew is nearly bone hard, and the fat content is less than 1%. Canine Cheese Chew’s journey began with the farmers and they started experimenting with different ideas. After multiple failures, the chhurpi was turned into a perfect, canine-friendly, long-lasting dog chew and the farmers never stopped experimenting in different ways. They started making customized chews with different sizes, shapes, flavors, and densities. 

The demand for Canine Cheese Chew is so high that many people have become farmers. These peasants follow the good manufacturing practices which are required to win the trust of pet parents. There is inbuilt confidence that the four-legged furry pal enjoys the healthy products. Canine Cheese Chew has become a category of its own in the pet industry and it is one of the largest suppliers to exporters in Nepal and India. Sansar Pet Supply has been supplying these chews to the USA, European and Asian market

Advantages of Canine Cheese Chews

  • It is long-lasting, natural, and hygienic
  • It is easily digestible and helps in boosting the immune system
  • It helps in cleaning the tartar and plague inside the dog’s mouth
  • It does not contain gluten, lactose, soy, corn, wheat, and grain
  • It’s the best alternative to rawhide and artificial chews which makes a world of difference
  • There is no wastage of resources

Chews of all sizes are available online from Sansar Pet Supply.


Sansar Pet Supply has been supplying chews to several exporters for ages and it is the leading pioneer in the pet market for the USA, Asia, and European countries. Canine Cheese Chew is one of the greatest sources of nutrients and is considered the best alternative for dogs. These chews are unique and free from high preservatives, added flavors, and colorants. Hence just take a closer look at Canine Cheese Chew for the four-legged furry pal. 

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